"You're next to me in my life"
Hey there! I'm Brittany. My life has been taken over by ships, phan being one of my favorites. I write phanfiction sometimes (inconsistently at times but who can blame me hehe). Always check my updates tab in the bottom left corner for what I'm working on or any posts I have about fics. If you ever wanna chat, please send me a message! I'm quite lovely, I swear :) I'm warning you though that I adore charlieskies so if that's not something you're okay with...
nipples screaming

Dan and Phil react to Mass Text by Tay Allyn

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I've been having a bit of a writer's block....that unfortunately has lasted like 6 months. Sorry about no new updates. I don't know when the next part of Here's Hoping will be up. Thanks for your patience.