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Hey there! I'm Brittany. My life has been taken over by ships, phan being one of my favorites. I write phanfiction sometimes (inconsistently at times but who can blame me hehe). Always check my updates tab in the bottom left corner for what I'm working on or any posts I have about fics. If you ever wanna chat, please send me a message! I'm quite lovely, I swear :) I'm warning you though that I adore charlieskies so if that's not something you're okay with...
nipples screaming
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And I thought I saw a mouse. | YouNow adorkable moment.
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dan and phil decorate a christmas tree (x)

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i am thor [x]

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Charlie doesn’t deserve this.


Charlie doesn’t deserve this.

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Hey guys! It’s Brittany here.

I just wanted to formally apologize for not being super active with this blog. As much as I still love Dan and Phil, my obsession with them has faded a bit and this blog has become more work than I’m able to deal with right now.

That being said, I would love for anyone that’s interested to take over this blog. It’s a tall order but all I ask if for someone to make it phan-free and then just make sure the links get posted. 

Anyone interested please send me a message! There are a few amazing people already live-blogging for this blog. I just need someone who’s more dedicated that me to make sure all you guys are happy.

Again, sorry for disappearing for so long. 

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I apologize for not updating more this summer! I've been distracted with work and boys but I'm going to try to get some stuff posted soon! In the mean time, feel free to send me prompts and maybe I'll get more inspiration :)